Success Stories

At Direct Business Lending we specialize in creating a path to business funding for every client. Your path to funding is specifically tailored to your unique situation and your special business needs.

Can Direct Business Lending really help you? Yes! We’ve helped thousands of business owners just like you achieve funding and realize their dreams.

Here are just a few of our many success stories.

Matt Richmond
$65,000 In Funding

"Things happen fast in the restaurant business. Had I waited for a traditional bank loan to come through, I’d very likely be out of business right now.

DBL really helped me out of a tough jam by securing funding in three days."

- Matt Richmond, Restaurateur

*Individual results may vary

Sharon Lawrence
Salon Owner
$38,000 In Funding

"My shop badly needed equipment upgrades. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get the funding I needed on my own.

When I found DBL they matched me with a lender right away and I had my funds in days. What a huge relief!"

- Sharon Lawrence, Salon Owner

*Individual results may vary

Miguel Cruz
$23,000 In Funding

"I thought landscaping was hard work. Trying to find funding in this economy is not just difficult, it’s almost impossible.

Even when the funds had been deposited in my bank account (in four days!), I still couldn’t believe it."

- Miguel Cruz, Landscaper

*Individual results may vary

James Thompson
Real Estate Investor
$88,500 In Funding

"We specialize in providing solutions for people trying to purchase their dream home. To achieve this we often need a lot of capital to work with quickly.

I am very satisfied with services received from DBL. They were knowledgeable and resourceful, and invaluable in helping our company obtain funding."

- James Thompson, Investor

*Individual results may vary

“Direct Business Lending cleaned up my credit profile, improved my score, and I was approved first for a new credit card, then got my loan, all in a matter of months! Now I have the start up money I need to start working from home.
Thank you SO much!”
- Julia Freeman,
Coastal Freedom
*individual results may vary
“Just wanted to let you know I have received the business plan and have begun to take a look at it. I just had to stop a minute and say "Whatda?!?" I am only half way through the overview and I are good! That's why mine needed help. Like I said...I just started and am already very impressed. Let me keep reading......”
- Dawn, Entrepreneur
*individual results may vary
“I thank Direct Business Lending for helping my partner and I achieve a loan. Myself as well has my partner are sorry for times of not being able to reach and I really appreciate you for sticking with us. Balancing business and everyday work can get to be a challenge. Direct Business Lending has been a god send to our future success.”
- Dalton Mosley, Entrepreneur
*individual results may vary

“This was amazing. Great work, I mean really great friggin work!
The charts are great and I am stunned by how sharp the detailed facts were written. Yes, those are absolute the plans I abide by. Every page was a true description of a Preferred ALOS agenda. I do not see any revisions after reading over a few times. Fantastic work.”
- Alex Escobar,
Hospitality Software
*individual results may vary
“I would like to thank Direct Business Lending for all the professionalism in helping my wife and I get the funding that we needed to open up our Care Home Business. The business plan that you have put together for us was excellent. Attention to detail was superior. Your company is the best in the business when it comes to helping fulfill people's dreams. Thank you all so very much.”
- Gary & Roza Nichols, Adult Homecare
*individual results may vary
“I just wanted to thank you for taking care of my loan needs. I know my situation was unique but you found the right companies that would be able to get me the loans I needed to expand my business. Thank you for being so professional by returning my calls and emails in a timely manner. I base my credibility and trust in a company based on how well they respond to my calls and emails and you passed with flying colors.”
- Shane Carter, Pest Control Company
*individual results may vary

“Thank you and your staff of wonderful specialists for all of your dedication and hard work for me and my business over the years. Hiring your company to assist me in my small business needs was the best decision I could have made! I found every member of your staff in every department to be bright and very pleasant to work with and be associated with in our agreements. I will be continuing to work with you on your company in the future and also recommend you to everyone that I know! Thank you so very much for your time, effort, and outstanding attitude of success!”
- Marco Givens, Entrepreneur
*individual results may vary
“I was able to secure a $15,0000 unsecured business loan through Direct Business Lending. This allowed me to consolidate some of my personal dept that I'd acquired through my business over the years. Furthermore, Direct Business Lending helped optimize my personal credit for a 720 FICO score to a whopping 803 score.”
- Charles Rowe, Piano Teacher
*individual results may vary
“Direct Business Lending helped me secured just over $13,000 in credit to fund the start up of my business. They were extremely professional during the process and always kept me up to speed on the progress of my applications. I had concerns at the beginning based on negative reviews I read online but after looking at the content of the reviews it was easy to see that people were simply upset with their inability to secure funding based on THEIR credit scores or because of personal financial mismanagement. They reassured me of the service and delivered as promised. I would recommend your company to anyone looking for credit and if needed, am willing to provide reference for the service I received.”
- Stanford Logan
*individual results may vary